I am intrigued by what is beyond what “we already know or can predict”, not only in terms of visual language (style, representation, signs/signifiers) but also in terms of perception (the mind, our nature or identities, our structures).

    I work mainly with oil paint (and occasionally installation) as a vehicle for visual exploration.
By exploration I mean perhaps, in the words of astronaut Umberto Guidoni, “ […] the capacity of venturing beyond what we know, and discover what there is behind the limit”.
    To me the space of the canvas offers a bigger freedom compared to our limitations outside of it. Indeed our senses, material reality (space-time, gravity, scale, 3D...) and other human things (hierarchies, meanings...) “rule” and bound us.
I’d like to see painting not as a window to peep into - made of the same elements as the reality I know and stand on - but rather as another dimension. Where even thinking or perceiving or reasoning can be different. Perhaps following an impossible quest, which will leave its traces in paintings.

Two keywords that I keep in mind while I work are: light and silence.
And here are some examples of my recent interests: paintings that try to transcend their state of “flatness” / realities with their own separate light combined in the same object / a perspective that comes out rather than in / perspective without perspective / objects or structures occupying the same space at the same time / a painting floating between the canvas and the viewer’s reality / the power of the gaze to bend the surface of the canvas/ to lower the “volume” of colours as much as possible.