To me the space of the canvas offers a bigger freedom compared to our limitations outside of it. Indeed our senses, material reality (space-time, gravity, scale, 3D...) and other human things (hierarchies, meanings...) “rule” and bound us.

I’d like to see painting not as a window to peep into - made of the same elements as the reality I know and stand on - but rather as another "dimension". Where even thinking or perceiving or reasoning can be different. Perhaps following an impossible quest, which will leave its traces in paintings that attempt to push perception to an edge.

Here are some examples of what I’ve experimented with: paintings that try to transcend their state of “flatness” / realities with their own separate light combined in the same object / a perspective that comes out rather than in / perspective without perspective / objects occupying the same space at the same time / the power of the gaze to bend the surface of the canvas/ to lower the “volume” of colours as much as possible.
I recently worked with an installation piece, which influenced my painting practice. It has tuned my interest in colour and light, and its relation to the viewer’s perception. These are elements I explore further in my most recent paintings.