With my work I explore light and space and colour, using mainly oil paint.
In particular how they can be manipulated in the space of the canvas in ways that are impossible in our physical reality, and their interplay with perception and the changing light of the environment.

I am interested in depth, in dimensions, in things I don’t know what they are, in paradoxes, in ambiguity, in silence, in what doesn’t exist, or that which is inconceivable. I think it’s my way of reflecting on existence, our human condition, the mind, and that which is bigger things than us.
The space of the canvas is perfect for that kind of exploration. Since the outside of it is locked, like us, in 3 dimensions and its rules. Occasionally I’d take some very simple videos, or make installations. 

I like the idea of using this very old medium of oil paint for my unconventional interests. Oil paint has a unique effect on the senses. It is very versatile and whatever we can imagine can be painted. And it also has a sort of behaviour of its own that is very unique, showing you things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.